Square One Builders LLC is a strategically, united group of experienced professionals who have come together to form a solid foundation in the restoration industry.  Square One is based in Chandler Arizona and the principals of Square One are all strong suited in the service business/construction sector and bring a vital component to the Company.  The owners have excellent history in business management, estimating, and construction to ensure proper knowledge of the job origination and implementation.  Customer Service is the key aspect of Square One’s business model, which includes availability at all times, prompt and expeditious job coordination, customer satisfaction, and overall quality of timely work performed.  24/7 service will be at the forefront of the action list for the company to make sure we are available to those in need at all times.

Square One will utilize the office/warehouse they have in Chandler to maintain a strong local presence in the Phoenix valley so customers have a specific location to identify with the Company and a place to reach someone at all times.  The experienced team, as well as the many quality sub contractors utilized for precise, timely job completion have been working with one another for years which will help ensure results.  The members of Square One have over 25 years of experience in the construction/restoration industry.  Long standing relationships with overly satisfied customers is the motivation behind Square One.  With each member carrying a strong role in his designed position, Square One is well equipped to handle all customer needs in an efficient, quality manner making their presence on every job a positive experience.

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